The principle of workwebsite builder bootstrap, and who needs it

Using a tool such as a site builder is the most accessible, simple and at the same time effective way of creating a personal blog or website for business. Its main feature and advantage is the ability to make a workable and modern website within a very short time – it’s enough to spend several hours to get the desired result.

True, this is relevant, if it is a question of a quick result, it is unlikely to succeed in creating something really qualitative and correct from the point of view of conversion.

Unlike working with CMS, there is no need for technical knowledge and skills, since such platforms operate on the principle of WYSIWYG, which is an abbreviation of English. What You See Is What You Get – “what you see, you’ll get.” That is, the whole work is based on visual editing, no programming, HTML, CSS, Photoshop and so on. Thanks to this, without exaggeration, even a high school student can cope with work.

The basic principle of the website builder bootstrap is the deployment of the technical component of the project on a remote development server, and the user is responsible for all sorts of content. Adding texts, images, multimedia and other files is done through a special visual editor in the administrative part, which becomes available to the user after authorization. To manage such a web project does not require the presence of programming skills or technical knowledge of another kind, such as the ability to work with databases.

While traditional content management systems (CMS) were developed primarily with the aim of scaling and managing large resources, almost all site designers are designed to create and manage small web projects. Thus, they can be recommended for use by small business representatives and simply to users who would like to quickly create a small site for personal needs.

We do not recommend using the site designer as a basis for creating a potential complex web project, which is planned to be scaled up and developed in the future. Also, such platforms are not quite suitable for creating online stores with a catalog of goods for more than a few dozen positions.We are well aware of how important it is to create a website for business and how difficult it can be to understand this issue to an unprepared person. Therefore, in the article, we will list the best site designers in Ukraine and Russia, tell you about their main features, pros and cons. In the end, if you decide to create a site with the help of a designer, this will simplify the issues of choosing a platform for you and help you make the right decision.