Places to discover in Asilah | Morocco Tours

Places to discover in Asilah | Morocco Tours

Morocco is a beautiful country full of great experiences and diverse culture. People love this country thanks to the beautiful people you can find here and the interesting places that are located here. Asilah is a city located in Morocco and it is not different: it also offers an amazing atmosphere with waves and a beautiful ocean. In fact, Asilah gives you everything you need as a traveler: great restaurants, great hotels, local culture, artworks and other things that people love to find in a city. The rampats around the city make you remember that old time this city has and it makes you learn about a history: Asilah is definitelya unique city located in Morocco.

As a person who loves traveling and decided to do the Morocco Tours there are many places you would love to visit and enjoy. One of the first places you should definitely visit in Asilah is the Asilah Medina. It is beautiful and you can find touristic places here, it makes you travel around time and it is really clean, quiet and its streets and walls painted and decorated are worth it. Walking around the medina is an amazing experience, it does not matter the time. It is a beautiful and magic city. Even though it is a touristic city it still keeps its original sense of a marine city with many traditions. What best describe this city are its colors blue and white. Going to the medina is visiting the traditional and untouchable time of Asilah.

As this is a marine city, there are some places you can enjoy when you visit Asilah that are related to the beach. If you want to enjoy the best side of Asilah, you should visit the Asilah Port. This place it is always recommended to visit in the Morocco Tours. Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, and this is a lovely place. This is an amazing place that surprises you since the first moment you arrive here, and people love coming back here over and over again. The art on the walls and the colors blue and white makes this place as a beautiful place to enjoy, take pictures and enjoy seafood.

Following the sea places, there is an excellent option for you if you want to visit the beach but you do not want to go to the busy beach: Paradise Beach Kaf Lahmam. Here you can enjoy clean water and good temperatures. There are some caves to discover and you need to be careful as in this zone landslides can happen. This is an amazing beach to take a bath and enjoy the sun. Even though many people visit this city, it is still a virgin beach that keeps amazing characteristics like amazing landscape and transparent waters. You can rent umbrellas and hammocks for a few money. You can also take some tea and eat here. So, you can eat sardines here or some fish. If you go with children, you can enjoy this beach and get the best things this city has to offer.

Morocco trips are not completed if you do not visit a good Hamman. Hamman El Alba, it is a good place and an amazing experience. If this is the first time you visit a Hamman you will enjoy a lot being here. You will receive an excellent service and it is going to be really relaxing. I know at first you do not what to expect, but I can assure you that you will have fun at the end. So, if you are ready to have a new experience, you can do it.

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